Welcome to my website

Here's a quick look at what I've done over the past 30+ years.
  • Press Secretary for a Cabinet Minister
  • Corporate Communications for national companies and non-profit organizations
  • Written more than 200 articles for magazines, trade publications, and newspapers
  • Produced, directed and hosted television programs, radio shows and podcasts
  • Co-ordinated events, outdoor markets, fundraisers
  • Edited newsletters and in-house publications
  • Created an online radio station broadcasting 7 days/wk, 12 hrs/day (see below)
  • It's time to slow down a bit, but if I can help with your communications, let me know

After two years of our experiment in determining the need for a radio station in Burlington, we've decided to conclude our 'concept' of what a community station would look and sound like. The results indicate that the need for more media in our community is overwhelmingly in favour. The next steps towards realizing that venture will require the financial capital and human resources that we do not have. Our best wishes to those who may want to see this through. 

bnowradio.ca was a 
proof-of-concept to give the residents of Burlington a sense of what could be. Over 100 shows were produced covering news, events, profiles and a range of topics that reflected our community.   Rather than play Top 40 music or All Talk Radio, this station was created as a community service, to help share the news, information, community announcements, and to showcase the talent that we have in Burlington. All music played on this station was 100% by Canadian musicians. And there was a lot more music than we could fit onto our schedule.

Listeners were invited to 'dream' the possibility of what could be - volunteer run, professionally managed, with a focus on local activities and our fellow citizens.

Thanks for listening.